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the photography enthusiast :

 Marco by Leo  

Born in Paris in 77,
                           in a rush (sometimes),
                                    at the lookout (often),
                           polite (i try),
eager to                 
share with you

some glances...







the gear used :

 ZE PLanarFirst canon reflex body Ef-m in 1991, the only manual body ever manufactured by the brand with the EF mount. It still rivals my current  5D-II  view finder and diffusing screen as regards comfort.







First 35-80mm zoom, in kit along with the Ef-m, consequently without any possibilities to get benefit from the AF motor. Funny initial packaging. Still owned, it delivered very nice shots during a wonderful journey in Ladakh.

Fix focal Lenses today, with a special mention to the ZE T* Planars, which are manual lenses, even though used on an AF 5D body. Weird final packaging ...


Elinchrom boxLite et Ranger Quadra flash unit



technicals clues on the website :


uses the ZenPhoto script and the Bootstrap framework

Used Theme : ZP-Bootstrap written by Vincent Bourganel


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